Saturday, April 18, 2009

Questions about the Supplies!

Here are some answers to some questions brought up for supplies:

By the "paper kind" of duct tape, do you mean the blue painters tape?
Painters tape is fine to use.

What size rubber bands should I have?
Any sized rubber bands really. If you have the skinny kind, bring a lot! If you have the fatter kind you only need a couple. ;D

If I don't bring an SBL doll, should I bring an RBL, EBL or ADG?
Feel free to bring any blythe doll that you would like help on. We can help you with not just how to open them but general questions on how to do other things.


You are not required to have these items to attend the workshop. Though, if you are wanting to participate, please have some of these items handy.

We encourage sharing, tips, and tricks! We want to keep this fun and easy, so if you are willing to share supplies, that would be great!

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