Monday, April 6, 2009

Workshop #1 | Opening a Blythe Doll Supply List

Supply List #1
1. Philips Screw Driver
2. Long Flat Head Screw Driver
3. Household/Elmers school glue
4. Jewelers Saw/Hand Saw/Hobby Saw (It is important that the blade is fine/thin)
5. Regular duct tape. (paper kind 1" size)
6. Permanent marker/Sharpie/good marking device
7. Extra set of screws (optional) *
8. Extra T-bars (optional) **
9. Pen/Pencil/Notebook/Pad of Paper to take notes
10. Camera (if you want to take your own visual notes) ***
11. Blythe doll of course!
12. Sand Paper (evening out edges of cut areas)
13. Rubber Bands
14. Hobby Knife/Razor with a handle

There are many ways to open a blythe doll. I will discuss them all. But to actually do them in our space, the only option is the saw method. I will also have images posted soon if you want to know what these items look like.

Supply List #2 ( Only if we have time!)
Eyechip Customs
1. Origami Paper
2. Glue Sticks
3. Lighter
4. Low Tack/Magic tape
6. Elmers/Household Glue

You are not required to have these items to attend the workshop. Though, if you are wanting to participate, please have some of these items handy.

We encourage sharing, tips, and tricks! We want to keep this fun and easy, so if you are willing to share supplies, that would be great!

Thanks Everyone!

* If you can't purchase t-bars, I can show you how to make your own.
** Can be purchased @ hardware store or here online.
*** Please ask permission first if you are taking a photo of someone

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